About us

Our Background & Vision for the futureHi there, thanks for stopping by, my name is Sarah, I am very pleased to welcome you to our delivery service, Pantry Shelf delivering in Havering and Brentwood.
Our aim is to make sustainable living more accessible to more people in our community. We look forward to helping our customers make small changes creating big impacts to their lives by reducing waste, living and working more sustainably.
Where did we start? While renovating our house, we wanted to set up our home as we meant to go on, with sustainability at the heart of our decision making. Constantly dismayed by the lack of sustainable choices and recycling options available to us locally, we started planning a new future. We wanted to live more sustainably, create less waste, spend more time cooking healthy meals, less time at the shops & get our kids involved in all of these things. We would have loved a zero waste shop at the end of our street, but driving our car to one many miles away didn't really add up for us. This got our cogs whirring, a year, another baby, many trips to electric car dealerships and a shop full of dried goods later we're ready to go! 
What do we bring to the table? 15 years of retail design experience, 4 years of young family life, over 10 years of experience volunteering in the local community, a passion for cooking and love of sourcing ingredients. Oh and a deep routed desire to make the world a better place for everyone around us.
What do we sell? We offer a wide range of dried pantry groceries for your home and business. Our Boxes have been thoughtfully designed to offer tasty sustainably packaged groceries for our busy customers. We are constantly adding new items, so if there is something we don't currently stock which you'd like us to add to our shelves please get in touch.
How eco friendly are we? We're not perfect, who is? But what we can tell you is that we have carefully considered all aspects of our business from eco friendly packaging that can be easily recycled domestically, carbon neutral deliveries to sustainable staff uniforms. We are always adapting our ways and learning new ways, we hope to learn from our customers too as they give us an insight into their lives.
How do we help our community? We work with local food banks to support them with regular food donations, a percentage of our profits are put towards this, as well as giving customers the option to donate a Good Deed Box.
What about you? If you are looking to make some meaningful sustainable choices but don’t know where to start, please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you and help you on your journey.