How do I shop with Pantry Shelf?

Make a list of what you're running low on, put the kettle on, sit down, put your feet up with a cuppa & place your order on our website. All orders placed by midnight on Sunday will be delivered the following week. Refill your own jars and containers in your own time from the comfort of your home. Put your packaging into your council recycling or better still in your compost bin.

What can I store my order in?

Have a good look around your kitchen, what can you refill, reuse, repurpose? Delve deep in your recycling, jars are great as they are air tight, freezable, stackable & easy to see what is inside. But anything will do, biscuit or sweet tins, butter or ice-cream tubs, bottles, jam jars etc. You'll be surprised by what you already have. Once you've done a few orders with us you'll have a better idea of what fits in which container. 

Why is sustainable packaging important?

Without meaning to we are overusing natural and fast depleting resources, while creating an overwhelming amount of rubbish, impacting our oceans and wildlife around us. Plastics are (mostly) made of fossil fuels and can’t be recycled endlessly, some can’t be recycled at all so are burnt or end up in a landfill.

All of our packaging is 100% recycled and can be recycled or composted. This ensures that it has a life after we have finished with it & isn’t harmful to the world around us.

How is my order packaged?

We have a range of recycled paper bags which are 100% recyclable in your kerb side council recycling and 100% compostable.

Our labels, boxes and tape are 100% recyclable.

How will my order be delivered?

Your order will be delivered by one of our friendly Pantry Shelf team who drive our electric vehicles. At this time we aren't able to give you an exact delivery time, but we're working on this.

What happens if it’s raining when you deliver my order & I’m not at home?

If it is raining when we deliver your order & your designated safe space is outside, we will cover your order with a compostable rainproof covering. If you do not have access to a compost bin to dispose of this, please keep hold of it & return it to us when we deliver your next order. We will then reuse these.


I live in a flat or inaccessible delivery location, can I still order from you?

Yes of course, please contact us directly with any specific queries. Our aim is to make plastic free shopping more accessible, so we will always try to do our best to accommodate your requirements.

Do you cater for Vegans?

Yes the majority of our product list is vegan friendly, but if you have any queries relating to a specific product please get in touch to discuss.


Do you produce waste?

We actually have very little. We end up with some bulk packaging that we firstly recycle, then if it can’t be recycled we work with a waste disposal contractor who has a ‘zero to land fill’ policy. While we realise this isn’t a perfect solution, this is the best solution available to us at the moment, we are continually seeking to eliminate more waste from our supply chain.

We have worked really hard to offer what we think is the right quantity of our products, based on what fits inside standard sized storage jars. We hope that this will help our customers to only buy what they are going to consume and avoid any over buying that will inevitably be thrown away when it is discovered at the back of the cupboard some time later.

Are your products cheaper than the supermarkets?

We can’t compete with supermarket prices being an independent retailer. We include a delivery cost in our pricing, our sustainable packaging and a personal service with a smile on all of our orders. We regularly review our prices, as our customer base increases we hope to be able to increase the quantities we buy; making our products even more competitive.

What about hygiene, how does that work?

As most of our products are dry, they are at very low contamination risk. But of course, we have systems in place to ensure everything is clean and food safe.

Once a large sack has been opened it gets re-sealed with a clip and put in a food-grade storage box.

All of our food is packaged then delivered locally within 24hrs to ensure freshness. We advise that orders are emptied into air tight jars or containers as soon as possible after receipt.

We also make sure that any allergen products (nuts, flour, etc.) are kept separate.

Do you have best before dates on your products?

The BBD on many of the dry products are merely a guideline, the product is still edible often long after that date. We recommend storing all your dried goods in air tight containers.

Are your products Organic?

A large number of our products come to us from an Organic supply chain, however we don’t currently have the correct license needed to sell the products to you labelled as Organic. This is something that we actively looking at and hope to be able to update you on this in the future.

Do you have another question that we haven't covered?

Please get in touch, our Pantry Shelf team would love to hear from you.